Sports Therapy & Sports Massage

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What is Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Therapy uses a variety of different massage techniques like sports massage, soft tissue mobilisation, soft tissue release and deep tissue massage. Myofascial release focuses more on the fascia and restoring normal length to it when restrictions occur. Joint mobilisation focuses on the joint and how it is functioning without muscle intervention. Neuromuscular techniques like trigger point therapy are beneficial for the nervous system and can stimulate or relax muscles. Muscle Energy Techniques can be used to restore normal length to the muscle or to stretch the muscle increasing its resting length.
Sports Therapy also looks at the tension distribution of the body. The areas that need stretching or strengthening can be seen through postural assessments, range of movement tests and muscle strength tests. Proprioception(the bodies awareness of where it is in space) also needs to be looked at as this effects balance and coordination . The aims of Sports Therapy are to make movements pain free, correct any muscle imbalances and improve posture and function.

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